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Works In Progress

     Work on the next collection is underway. With the desert as my muse, I am using some different techniques to take the look of these pieces in a new direction. I'm really excited by the preliminary sketches & if I maintain my focus, I could be ready to release some jewelry in early November.        When I took a break a year ago, I was hoping I'd come back with a fresh perspective. I'm happy to report that I did. Where I was feeling blocked, now the ideas flow. I get up most mornings before the sun is in the sky. I sit down to sketch designs while I drink Matcha, and there's no forcing it, the creating just...

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Sacred Adornment

       I’ve been gone a while, but not without reason. I’ve been giving myself time and space to see which way I want to go next. It's easy to feel like there's not enough time. There's a constant sense of urgency, the need to rush & push & do. Some of us just end up checking out & doing nothing, because it’s all too much. I will neither to rush past the important bits nor give up & check out. I will find that path between paths, where I can both think and act, allowing time for all of it.           I’ve spent 9 months now, allowing this next step to make itself known to...

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