Why Choose Handcrafted?

     Handcrafted jewelry is more expensive than mass-produced jewelry for good reason. More time is invested in creating items by hand and the materials are often higher quality. Handcrafted items harken back to a time before throw-away fashion. A time when things were built to last. 

     Artisan made items are often labors of love. An artist may spend days, weeks, months, focused on bringing his or her vision to life. While this makes that item more pricey, it also makes it a work of art.

     When I'm working on a piece of jewelry, that item has my full attention. If something goes wrong during its creation, and I feel the integrity of the piece has been compromised, it gets scrapped. If I finish an item and something doesn't look right to me, it gets scrapped. I want to know that the art I send out into the world will last a lifetime and be beautiful all at once.

     Beyond the concept of quality, choosing to support one small business effectively supports a network of other small businesses. How so? At Vildmark Studio I do my best to practice what I preach. When it came to having Vildmark's logo & branding art created, rather than Googling out some big company, I spent weeks researching grassroots artists like myself. I settled on an independent artist working out of Austin Texas and couldn't be happier with the time and attention she poured into her work. The lapidary artists who supply my stones are working on a small scale, just like myself, often from their homes. I form relationships with them, trust in the quality of their product, and when I am looking to bring new stones into my shop, it is them that I go to.

     Our society as a whole, is richer and more diverse thanks to small businesses and independent artists. It's their unique magic that keeps our communities vibrant and thriving.  By choosing to purchase jewelry from a small shop like Vildmark Studio, you are choosing to support not only my business and art, but all of the other small businesses and artists I rely on.